Why You Should Switch To Handmade Soap

Homemade Medicinal Soaps Are A Great Ally For Skincare

We are moving to more organic things and finding them better as well. When we are replacing everything in our routine life with natural things, then how can we ignore our soaps? The soap we use has chemicals and other artificial elements, and we all know about it too. Earlier, we did not have many options, but now handmade soap is very much available.

 Handmade soaps are those made without the use of chemicals. Only organic oils are used in making homemade soap. Though we all know the conventional solvents are not suitable for skin, still many of us haven’t heard or use the handmade soaps. Read on to know more about handcrafted soaps.

Why You Should Switch To Handmade Soap
Why You Should Switch To Handmade Soap

Is Homemade Soap Safe?

Handmade soap has natural oils and fat. It has glycerine that is mild on the skin. Unlike the soap we get in the supermarket, these soaps are made at home. So they are free from any harsh elements like detergent.

Few of you may have a question about the use of lye in these homemade soaps. Lye is a harmful chemical. This chemical can cause skin burn or even blindness too. In most of the handmade soaps, lye is used for making a mixture of glycerine, oils, and fragrance. The quantity of lye is minimal which is not harsh on your skin. Secondly, much homemade soap maker uses lye made from wood which has no chemicals. So you can switch to handmade soaps without any hesitation. 

Is Handmade Soap Better?  

Before switching to handmade soaps, you must know how these soaps are better. So let’s know the reasons that make handmade soaps a better choice than the commercial ones:

Why You Should Switch To Handmade Soap
Why You Should Switch To Handmade Soap

Real Raw Material

Homemade soaps are made from the actual raw material. Most of the handmade soap makers give their communication address together with the product. You can ask them directly about the raw material used in the soap.

Handmade Soap Is Mild

Handmade soaps are gentle on the skin. You will not feel any roughness on your skin after using them. Unlike factory based soaps, these soaps will not produce many bubbles, but it will not provide any harshness to your skin.

No Animal Fat  

In factory-made soaps, the manufacturers use animal fats to make them hard and thick. Handmade soap, no animal fat is used. All the ingredients used in these soaps are natural. In handcrafted soap, different kinds of oils are used. All the material of these homemade soaps makes them milder and gentle on skin.

Glycerin Goodness  

The handmade soap has the richness of glycerine. It helps to lock the moisture of the skin, which makes them perfect for the dry skin. For oily skin as well, the handmade soap cleans the surface profoundly and take down the excess oil and dirt.

Apart from all these benefits, handmade soaps are gentle on your face and body. The mild fragrance of these soaps is natural and stays with the user for a longer time. Now, you have sufficient reasons to switch to handmade soap, so do it by adding homemade soap in your shopping list.

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