How to Make Soap With Liquid Glycerin

Liquid Glycerin Soap

We are all already used to over the counter soaps and so from all the traditional soaps that we have been using ever since it was found out that some of the chemical additives that it has can cause a health problem. Hence, if you want to take a different way, try an all-natural pure glycerin soap!

Glycerin has many benefits and uses in terms of beauty and skincare. It has been used in a lot of cosmetic products such as conditioners and lotions. It claims to help maintain the skin’s natural moisture and prevent excessive drying, so it is most suitable for people who have particularly sensitive or dry skin.

Only a small number of essential ingredients create a Liquid Glycerin Soap with us with the following procedures.

Measure the Molds

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Use water, fill a standard glass casserole (13-by-9 inch) or separate soap molds, and then transfer the water in a measuring cup. You have to take note of the indicated amount because this will be based on the amount of liquid glycerin you will need to fill up the soap molds. Remember not to use tools or molds made from aluminum because it can react and erode with soap ingredients.

Protect Eyes and Skin

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Using heavy-duty gloves made from rubber and putting on eye goggles will help you protect from the melted soap base. It can hurt your eyes and aggravate your skin when it gets contacted, so you have to be extra careful. If you accidentally burn your skin with the melted soap base, you have to rinse with cold water the affected part immediately.

Liquid Glycerin Base Prep

Using a double boiler, add water to the base and place it on the stove. Set the temperature to high and then wait until the water boil. Adjust the heat to medium once the water starts to boil and simmer it. Set the double boiler’s top part to the pan and pour the melted cubes. Continuously stir it with a wooden spoon until smooth and equal consistency is reached.

Add Fragrance, Herbs, and Color

If you want, add a few food color drops into the liquid glycerin soap base and thoroughly stir until it is well blended. If you want it to be scented, then add authentic essential oils of your preference.

Pour Into Molds

Put some nonstick cooking spray on your molds or casserole so that you can get your soaps with ease out of the molds. Allow it to cool at room temperature until it solidifies. Store it until you are ready to use it to a cool place to avoid melting and getting dissolved.

It is excellent to know that making a soap that has been blessed with many benefits is now relatively easy and just accessible by the products that can be found in your home. That’s why if you are looking for an ingredient that can improve your everyday skincare routine, then you may want to consider using glycerine.

With this, you are now ready to make your own Liquid Glycerin Soap! Good Luck!

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