How To Make Baby Soap At Home

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Baby soap is gentle on the skin and its best not only for babies but for people who have sensitive skin also. In baby soaps, fewer chemicals are used, and they don’t fetch the natural oil of the skin. This is why dermatologists recommend baby soaps to dry skinned people. We all know about the effects of mild soap on the skin of babies and sensitive skin. The gentleness is the USP of these soaps, and all the big companies show it in their commercial advertisement. But do we know the exact ingredients of these soaps? No, we trust the brand ambassadors or the ad of the company and buy the soap.

Every soap prepared in the factory has some chemical in it and let this soap touch the fragile skin of your baby is a risk. So to offer gentle and pure care to the surface of your baby and your skin as well here we have the DIY recipe of making the baby soap. You can trust on this soap as it is made by and it has all the natural ingredients.  

How To Make A Baby Soap At Home
How To Make Baby Soap At Home

Recipe To Make Baby Soap

It’s easy to make baby soap at home with some readily available ingredients. In this soap, no chemical will be used, and it will give gentle care to the skin of your baby. So let’s know about the ingredients that you would need to make homemade baby soaps;

Components Required For Baby Soap

Here are the ingredients that you would need to make baby soap;

  • Olive Oil: 28.7 ounces, approx 70%. You can use either infused or regular oil. 
  • Coconut Oil: 6.2 ounces or approx 15 percent. 
  • Castor Oil: 2.1 ounces or approx 5 Percent. 
  • Shea Butter: 4.1 ounces approx 10%
  • Castor Oil: 2.1 ounces approx 5%   
  • Lye: 5.48 ounces, few suggest to use 8% lye. It is a bit higher and makes the soap extra mild
  • Water: 10.6 ounces.
  • Sugar: Mix 2 teaspoons sugar in the lye solution.
  • Salt: Mix 1.5 teaspoons salt in the lye solution.
  • Fragrance: Use 1.8 ounces fragrance or essential oil in solution though it’s optional. 
How To Make A Baby Soap At Home
How To Make Baby Soap At Home

Soap Making Directions

First of all, you will have to make a lye solution by adding sugar and salt in water. Once both of these ingredients get dissolved in water, add lye and set the solution aside and let it get cold and set.

Now mix up all the oils mentioned hereinabove, given a list of ingredients. All the oils must be in liquid form. If your Shea Butter is hard, then melt it first then mix it. At this stage, you can mix any herb in oils as well.

When both of your mixtures the oil one and lye cooled down to room temperature or about 100 F, then mix them. You can take help from stick blender to make the mixture. If you want to add some additional fragrance, then you can add it at this stage. Now pour the paste in the mold and let it come in shape.

So, that’s how your baby soap will get ready, and you can use it for highly sensitive skin.

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