Glycerin Soap: Should You Use Them Or Not

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Glycerin is a by-product of the normal soap making process. Glycerin is used in making solid and liquid soaps. Its moisturizing properties make it an effective remedy for dry skin and an excellent cleaning agent. The low pH value of glycerin allows it to retain moisture, which helps treat acne and dry skin. It is ideal for sensitive skin and is most recommended by dermatologists. It comes in solid and liquid forms. People prefer liquid forms as it is comfortable to use, and traditional soaps and hand made decorated soaps are derived from animal fat and vegetable oil. Solid soaps are translucent, which adds to its aesthetics.

Glycerin Soap: Should You Use Them Or Not
Glycerin Soap: Should You Use Them Or Not

 What Makes Glycerin Different From Regular Soaps

Soaps with low glycerin content consist of palm oil extracted from palm trees, which has become scarce due to its demand for other domestic purposes like cooking and biofuel. Deforestation contributed to the extinction of a few natural creatures like orangutans and became a catalyst for environmental destruction.

Glycerin Soap: Should You Use Them Or Not
Glycerin Soap: Should You Use Them Or Not

Glycerin soaps manufacturing is eco-friendly and contributes to the “go green” policy.  

Soaps with Glycerin consist of various vegetable oil, which is vegan soap. It goes a long way in curing animal slaughter. 

 Benefits Of Using Glycerin Soap

Glycerin soaps owe its medicinal properties to its low ph-value, which contributes to its moisturizing property. Glycerin soaps are beneficial to skin in many ways, such as.

  • These soaps are excellent in drawing moisture to the skin surface, thereby preventing dry skin, which can cause other skin diseases like acne and eczema. It keeps the skin hydrated and healthy.  
  • Glycerin soaps also serve as emollient, which keeps the skin soft and shiny. 
  • It has therapeutic effects on healing wounds. 
  • Glycerin owes its antimicrobial activity to its capability to draw water to the outer skin surface, which makes the inner skin dry for microbes to thrive and flourish. 
  • Glycerin soaps act as softeners for the skin.

And the only disadvantage of glycerine soaps is its tendency to melt due to its moisturizing retaining ability. You should store these so in open soapboxes and dry places.

Glycerin soaps are expensive and found in specialty soaps due to its medicinal value.

  Growth Of Glycerin Soap Markets

Furthermore, glycerin market worldwide is likely to witness exponential growth because of its eco-friendly processes and therapeutic use.

With growing awareness on personal hygiene as a preventive health aspect, people are highly likely to opt for hitherto niche soaps like glycerin and market is witnessing a surge in manufacturers, which will bring the prices down to fulfill the demand. New manufacturers like a quintessence, A one cosmetics, daxal, khadi, micron India have a range of glycerin soaps in their manufacturing mix. Moreover, these glycerin soaps come in different flavors and popular among them are lemon, papaya, orange, lavender, mint, and neem 

Hand made soaps are given preference as it generates employment opportunities in rural areas.  

Moreover, glycerine soaps have a considerable role to play in the future of personal hygiene. Hence, these glycerin soaps can really be beneficial to your skin.

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