DIY Candle Holders For Romantic Nights (#5 Is A Whole Mood)

Candles are one of the essentials to set the mood for a romantic night. Their soft glow and warmth just scream romance and love. To air on the safe side, you’ll need candle holders so that the candle wax will be contained and your lit candle won’t turn into a fire hazard. 

Rustic Décor

A vase of flowers on a table

If your romantic dinner is set in a rustic setting, then you might want to give this DIY tutorial a try. All you need is a cross-section from a craft store and a rustic coffee table. You can use a plain wooden slab with raw edges. Add small candles on top. Allow the wax to melt into the surface so that it won’t budge and it will look like it’s part of the rustic wood. Now you have a wooden candle holder that feels rustic and homey.

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